1. “ We have never had an experience in a photo shoot. So we feel very awkward in front of the camera. We don’t know how to pose”

Many of the people depicted in my portfolio are not professional models and do not know how to pose.

This is the skill of the photographer to create the appropriate atmosphere during photography. I always help my clients to relax and feel at ease. That is why an experienced photographer never immediately starts shooting but gives people time to get used to the environment. I usually give my clients some tasks like walking and holding each other hands, dancing, or fixing partners’ outfits.

As a result, in his photographs, everyone looks relaxed, often laughing or smiling.

2. Can you do a video as well?

Yes, I do. It will be a video clip with highlights of your special day.
In 5 hours package it will be free. You can see packages here 

3. We are at the first time in Copenhagen. We don’t know any good places for a photo session. Could you recommend something?

Yes! Ofc. I am working as a full-time photographer already 4 years. And I know Copenhagen as my own pocket! 
The best wedding locations you can see here 

4. Can we get all non-edited photos?

The photographer does not have the task of “hiding” part of the footage. He just selects the best from the many shots. Why do you need five or seven photographs of the same type, where you are standing, hand to the left, hand to the right, hand pressed to the side, bent at the elbow, etc.?
Photos are interesting when they are different. 
Otherwise, after you will get your edited photos you can order non-edited pictures for 350 DKK

5. We want to print a photo for the family album. Can we do it?

Yes, of course. Photos will be of very high quality. I have one of the best cameras. 24 megapixels. Each photo is more than 10 megabytes and resolution of 3000*5000 pixels 

6. I have some doubts

You can read reviews from my clients here I am sure you will be happy to choose me!

7. How long do we have to wait for the result?

Very fast!
Being a photographer is my full-time job. So I am focusing only on taking pictures and editing. First edited photos you will get on the next day. The average period of receiving pictures is around 2 weeks

8. Are you give any guarantees? 

I am working officially with a contract. For the booking date, you have to make a small prepayment of 500-1500 DKK. 

9. How I may book a photo session?

You are welcome to text me 

on email: bairononr91@gmail.com
Danish number: +4542947890
What’s and Telegram: +79291053790

and tell me more details about your special day 💍

FAQ. Julia Byron. Photographer Copenhagen

Send me a request

Tell me about your wedding. Date, time, place, how many guests
And I will back to you ASAP


FAQ. Julia Byron. Photographer Copenhagen

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