My name is Julia Byron
I am working as a full-time freelance photographer in Copenhagen, Denmark
I speak English, Russian, and a little bit of Danish language

For me, photography is more than just a job. For me, photography is my whole life. Since childhood, I tried to capture every moment of my life on camera. Now, this is my income. I shoot both private clients and work with brands. I shot for a lingerie brand in St. Petersburg, the models were the most famous dancers in the country

I took pictures for Black Dot  (man clothing) in Copenhagen

I provide full service of visuals for beauty salons (took pictures of interior, details, works, and portraits of workers). I also do a plan for Instagram layout, what kind of pictures need to show the unique style of brands

Now I really excited about working with jewelry!

Some of my works you can see below

If you need a visual package for your business,  video production, or targeting advertisement on social media you can  contact me 
Phone number + 45 42 94 78 90

E-mail Baironone91@gmail.com